Henderson, CO

Henderson, CO (Denver Metro)

The Henderson, Colorado coating plant of Commercial Resins is a multi-use facility. This plant will coat a wide variety of products such as reinforcing steel, sucker rods, earth retention bars, and small diameter steel pipe. The 15,000 square foot building sits on 5 acres of stabilized ground with several outdoor craneways for material movement.

Fusion bonded epoxy is the corrosion coating applied to the customer’s products. A variety of epoxies and polyesters are available to achieve different objectives such as corrosion resistance, flexibility, color, or UV resistance.

The multi function conveyor design allows products such as small diameter pipe to rotate through the cleaning, heating, and powder coating areas. This innovative system allows precise coating thickness control, thorough abrasive cleaning, and uniform preheating of the pipe. The conveyor design allows as many as three joints of pipe to be coated simultaneously. Holiday detection is on-line and automatically locates and marks holidays for repair.

Long, straight, lightweight products such as rebar, sucker rods, or earth retention bars are processed up to 10 bars simultaneously to achieve superior quality and productivity with economical labor costs. These products typically do not need to rotate on the conveyor.