About Us

Commercial Resins Co. is a corrosion coating technology and services corporation, specializing in fusion bonded epoxy coatings for rebar and pipe. Our current manufacturing and storage facilities sit on the Niobrara and Denver shale deposits and serve the Mid-Continent and Northern Rockies. Commercial Resins serves both the oil and gas industries as well as rebar coating for industrial construction projects. Our Sidney location is dual-served by the BNSF and UP rail main line via the shortline SLGG. Denver is served by the BNSF.

As a large-scale fabrication and storage facility, Commercial Resins leads the way in corrosion coating services as well as in its subsidiary companies respective industries.

Under Commercial Resins’ corporate direction are a diverse set of ventures designed to leverage the power and knowledge of manufacturing and storage. Through independently owned subsidiaries and joint-ventures, Commercial Resins’ corporate vision of focused quality and service is extended to all companies.


NACE International is the leader in the corrosion engineering and science community, and is recognized around the world as the premier authority for corrosion control solutions.

The NASPD is a national trade association representing the steel pipe and tubular products distribution industry and its related businesses.

The National Association of Pipe Coating Applicators (NAPCA) represents plant pipe coating applicators, line pipe manufacturers, distributors of new line pipe, companies engaged in the manufacture and/or sale of materials, supplies, equipment, and services utilized by plant pipe coating applicators and other specific parties interested in the promotion and standardization of plant-applied pipe coating.